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BORN and ROOTED in Lubbock
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you are my Teriyaki Crush

The most common phrase we hear every day:
“Can I have extra teriyaki sauce please?"

Our house special teriyaki sauce is made from scratch every day!

Let us Wok for You

The most common phrase we say to customers: 
"Feel free to sample any dish before you decide your order."

Fresh, flavorful and crispy(just right), is our ultimate pursuit when we WOK on your entrées! 

Let us Cater your next event.

Customized service provided.

Born in Lubbock-Rooted in Lubbock-Serving Lubbock

Our Story: Why "Crush"?

Before the Covid pandemic hit the world and “crushed” us(02/2020), we had been running an Asian restaurant in Lubbock for more than 10 years as a local business. The pain was intense and profound, yet we believe it was God’s plan to show us how to find true love and hope through hardship and suffering.

We were closed (in 2021) for almost two years but never forgotten by our customers. Many customers and friends reached out to us through social platforms, leaving us encouraging, heart-warming messages and always wondering when we would reopen. Their support and love, like sparks forming a burning flame, lit up the dark life that had come to a standstill, and this is why the letter U in our logo is a heart-shaped spark.

We realized as long as we didn't give up on ourselves, we would always find ways to overcome obstacles. Our mission is to bring fresh, tasty, and healthy Asian food to everyone at an affordable price. Most importantly, we want to give back the love we have been receiving from our community.

We want all of our beloved guests to know “Yes, we have a crush on you, too.” 


Born in Lubbock-Rooted in Lubbock-Serving Lubbock

When an egg is CRUSHed from the outside, it is food; 
When it is CRUSHing from the inside, it is life.
Let's share LOVE and stick together.

Business Hours

  • Mon – Sat
    • 11:00 am – 09:00 pm
  • Sunday
    • 11:30 am – 08:30 pm